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Halal Trekker – Travel Redefined

If you’re looking for accommodation with prayer space? Near a mosque? Or halal restaurants? Halal Trekker makes it easier for you. We’re setting a new benchmark for travelers. For travelers, booking a hotel that meets your criteria is within a few clicks of a button. For tourism providers such as hoteliers, guides or cultural centers, this platform provides the opportunity for your business to be viewed by travelers.

Travel definitely broadens our horizons and our understanding of the world. That’s why we’ve been working very hard to provide you with the best travel experience for our fellow travelers. To us, what makes a trip truly unique is the people you meet and the culture you experience. That’s why we’re uniting a community of travelers who love to explore the unexplored and discover authentic culture and heritage. All with the support of locals.

Book online at Halal Trekker, and leave the rest to us! With your booking, you’ll receive the local prayer times for the duration of your stay, a list of Muslim-friendly and Halal restaurants near your accommodation and Mosques which are within your vicinity. You can book accommodation, and even cultural activities such as heritage walks, city tours and other experiences which are Muslim-friendly. Halal Trekker isn’t just limited to Muslims, but for all those who support Islamic values.

Halal Trekker is owned and operated by Infotech Trekker Sdn. Bhd. (1246179-A) – MOTAC Licence KPK/LN9225 & MATTA Membership MA6063