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List your accommodation with us.

List your accommodation with Halal Trekker. It’ll take as little as 15 minutes to complete your registration. Here’s how it works:

1  Open & Close your property when you want


You have the flexibility to open or close your property on Halal Trekker whenever you want. With no lock-in contracts, you’re in control of your property.

2 Your control your availability


Accept guests when you want to. Whether it’s during the holidays or maybe just weekends, you decide when you want guests.

3 We don’t charge guests


The price you set is the price we display. We don’t add anything onto the price.

What we look for in an accommodation partner:

  • Accommodation which has prayer direction (Qibla) signage in the guest’s room and is able to provide prayer times
  • Accommodation which can remove alcohol from the mini-bar upon request of the guest
  • The availability of Halal food & beverage within the accommodation premises or within close proximity to the accommodation