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Sun for Qibla Direction
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at Sun direction

at shadow direction

⊥ ccw from the Sun direction

⊥ cw from the Sun direction

Daily Prayer Time

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Qibla Direction

Qibla Direction

  • It's best to use desktop to view this Qibla Direction
  • If you can't view Daily Prayer Time here, please go to Prayer Time menu in the navigation bar above.
  • The simplest way to find Qibla direction is using the map above. You can use Search Box inside the map for fast searching.
  • You can click-and-drag the Gif icon to change the location. You can also use right click in the map. Left click to the icon will move it to the center of the map.
  • Zoom in can be used to easily find the correct direction. You can use the road or building as reference to find the correct qibla direction (without good compass or accurate GPS).
  • Sometimes, it is possible to use the Sun to find the qibla direction. The "Sun for Qibla Direction" panel gives the time(s) when you can find the qibla direction using the Sun easily. You can use a standing stick (vertical to the ground) and look at its shadow due to the Sun light. 'Sun direction' means the time when the Sun azimuth is exactly at the Qibla direction. 'Shadow direction' means that the qibla direction is at the opposite of the Sun azimuth/direction. You can also use the time when the Sun azimuth is exactly perpendicular with the Qibla direction (clockwise/counter-clockwise).

Future Endeavor

  • We are planning to create our own mobile application for qibla direction and prayer time.
    Please bear with us !